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Local VA host National Winter Sports Clinic

GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KREX) — “We are one of the largest if not I believe we are the largest rehabilitation clinic in the world” voiced Kateri St. Louis, of VA Western Colorado.

The VA of Western Colorado Health Center is home to Western Slope veterans and to this national winter sports clinic.

St. Louis uttered, “It really takes a village to make this event possible.”

The clinic is a yearlong process. Planning starts almost immediately after the last event ends. Director of communications for the national winter sports clinic, Jason Strickland tells me they don’t take its post in the centennial state for granted.

“To be able to host it here in Colorado is a spectacular thing. Were here to stay with this clinic and this national level world class rehabilitation event. The best in the country of its kind for what we’re doing.” stated, Director of communications, Jason Strickland.

The clinic is in Snowmass Village, so you know there’s plenty of:

Strickland added, “Skiing, alpine skiing is a critical part of it, we also offer Nordic skiing, and nearly every participant does one form of those form of skiing, downhill or cross country.”

The clinic offers an array of events in case a veteran doesn’t want to hit the slopes.

“Sled hockey, we have some Scooba orientation. We do curling, and we even have a rock-climbing wall in the middle right outside the hotel where we’re at so they can do those kinds of activities” Strickland mentioned.

For members who help put this event together, the clinic runs deeper than just winter sports competition. St. Louis says, “Not only do we provide resources for them to achieve what they thought might not be possible for them due to a variety of different disabilities, but we give them hope.” “To see the value of how this helps them is stupendous” voiced, Strickland. This clinic is a life changing event, but it wouldn’t be possible without the community’s support.

St. Louis believes, “It’s definitely something we wouldn’t be able to do without the support of hundreds of volunteers and staff. Not only from here in grand junction, but also nationwide.” When veterans leave the event, they’re able to push their limits to new heights which explains our Western Slopes VA’s slogan. “Miracles on mountainside and witness it almost every single day here at the clinic” St. Louis added.

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